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Understanding well, not just skimming the surface, going in deeper. That is what allows uncovering potential and effectively supporting its development on all levels of the organisation. We offer high quality diagnostic tools trusted and continually used by organisations worldwide, focusing on individual, team, and organisational diagnostics. We use them regularly with our clients both on their own and as part of more complex solutions.

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Frequently used tools

Cutting edge personality questionnaires developed by the US psychologist Robert Hogan have been helping companies and independent consultants find and develop their employees for more than 30 years.

Hogan Personality Inventory

Reliably predicts professional success regardless of work type. It helps organisations select the right people and thus improve performance and reduce churn, absenteeism, managerial error, and customer service. It helps identify the personality-job fit.

Hogan Development Survey

Uncovers risky behavioural patterns and types that manifest themselves in times of crisis and increased workload. It also helps identify the potential barriers to personal and professional development, which can negatively influence interpersonal relationships (e.g. make efficient communication or team management impossible). These behavioural aspects are hard to discover in a mere job interview. The questionnaire can also be used as a basis for planning individual and team development.

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory

Ascertains the key values, interests, goals, and motivations of workers. Based on this, it can be determined what profession, job type, and work environment are most likely to fulfil and motivate.

Lumina Learning is a methodology that uses innovative psychometric tools to help organisations to make changes on the level of individuals, teams, and the whole organisation. The strong suit of Lumina Learning tools is that they are practical and inspirational. Lumina’s view is based on accepting differences and paradoxes. It does not put people in boxes; it attempts to encompass personality in all its complexity. It offers a number of programme variants, tailored to individual client needs, and serves as the basis for personal and professional development programmes, competency development, building relationships, and understanding differences.

  • Building and developing teams and cooperation
  • Efficiently managing, motivating, and developing individuals
  • Managing talent
  • Developing and improving managerial skills
  • Communicating effectively and conflict management
  • Developing sales skills
  • Change management
  • Coaching

To discover more, see Lumina Learning Product List.

Allows for a better understanding of oneself and others by understanding one’s own personality preferences, manifested in all areas of life.

It is based on Jung’s personality typology together with other, empirically verified personality models. The questionnaire measures the strength of personality preferences in four areas:

  • Source of energy
  • Perception and processing of external stimuli
  • Impact on decisions
  • Assumed lifestyle


The GPOP questionnaire also provides a scale that identifies the response to and experience of stress. It serves as the entry diagnostic tool for developing social competencies of workers, making coaching more efficient, individualising development, building and developing teams (diagnosing barriers to effective cooperation and possible conflict sources), developing and fully utilising the individual’s and team’s potential, and understanding the causes of stress in the workplace, as well as selecting the appropriate corrective measures.

Thanks to cut-e psychodiagnostic tools, we can offer our clients not only personality questionnaires but also a wide range of performance tests aimed at assessing candidate abilities.

Performance psychodiagnostic tests use online technologies and are designed to be a reliable solution for remote testing of candidates without an administrator, HR professional, or manager being present. That means the tests can be used to identify potential and can form part of the selection process.

cut-e performance tests allow for composing a battery of cognitive performance tests for a wide range of target groups in accordance with the client and position requirements.

cut-e tests are mainly aimed at assessing:

  • Numerical ability (e.g. interpretation and working with numbers)
  • Verbal ability (e.g. understanding instructions or interpretation of texts)
  • Abstract logical thought (e.g. inductive or deductive reasoning)
  • Specific cognitive abilities (e.g. short-term memory, focus, facial recognition)

Voice of customer (VOC) is a tool that focuses on and measures the relationship between individual organisational units (internal customers and internal suppliers) in the process of adding value. It forms a feedback tool that identifies the opportunities for continuous process improvement in order to bring more value to the end customer.

This tool acts mainly as a framework, as the most important part is not the tool itself but WHY the organisation needs it and the STEPS that managers and employees can take thanks to the VOC input.

  • In the horizontal axis (processes), applying VOC insights can significantly boost the quality of deliverables, improve organisational unit and individual cooperation, make job satisfaction higher, better identify opportunities for process improvement, and contribute to first-class service for the external client.
  • In the vertical axis, it results in a number of suggestions for system improvement and system barrier reduction.

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